Born in London and raised in Beirut, Karma Salman discovered the allure of jewellery at young age. Much to her Grandmother’s chagrin, she was often caught rummaging through gemstone-filled drawers, picking the shiniest of pieces. This mischievousness transformed to wonder, and soon, and infatuation. Karma began to fabricate her own creations, using string to mix-and-match different pieces.

Karma obtained a degree in Fine Arts from Beirut’s Lebanese American University, followed by a Master’s in Art Business from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. Having gained a “broad education” of the creative realm, she decided to focus her skills by enrolling at the GIA in London. She continued her journey with internships at renowned jewellers in Beirut, Selim Mouzannar and Nada Zaineh. This culminated in the launch of Karma’s namesake brand in 2015.

She visualizes her pieces as miniature sculptures, incorporating her passion and energy into each groove and undulation. She garners inspiration from the architecture surrounding her, and in particular, the design and framework of Lebanese antiquity. Baalbek, currently presenting in Paris, is borrowed from the foremost archaeological site in Lebanon, and represents a crescendo of Karma’s intimate dedication for her craft.

Clemenceau, Beirut, Lebanon

Macle Jewel Collective
82 Shehade Street, Ashrafieh Tabaris, Beirut, Lebanon